Alpacas preorder and non-kpop instocks!


I’ve added a page called “[Preorder] Alpacas” so if you’re a fan of alpacas (like me and KRIS), do check it out! They’re really cute hehe.

Also, do help clear my (non-kpop items) instocks! These instocks include clothes, bags etc! Most of them are brand new unless stated(: These items can also be found on my Instashop (@pixiedust_preloved) or on my Carousell account (@pixiedust_preloved).

For instocks, NEGOS are allowed and I may consider trades as well(:

The 2014 Season Greetings [Official goods] page is up and done! So start sending in your orders for your favourite idol’s Season Greetings now! Then you can stare at their pretty faces everyday of next year.

I will continue to update the “Latest albums” page and will post up a notice once that’s done!


About koreanidolfever

Fangirl~ SHINee Key~ Infinite Woohyun! Boyfriend Minwoo~ Teen Top L.JOE!
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2 Responses to Alpacas preorder and non-kpop instocks!

  1. shopkp0p says:

    hello! just to let you know I’ll be taking supplies!

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