Kpop Albums!

Heyy everyone! below’s the list of the newest albums released (: there are many more available for ordering, so simply send me an email with your album requests~ (: ALL PRICES STATED ARE ALREADY INCLUSIVE OF SHIPPING FEE! 😀 AND ALL ALBUM SALES WILL BE COUNTED IN THE MUSIC CHARTS:)
T-ara Temptastic album + poster:  $23
T-ara Temptastic album w/o poster: $21

                                                                                                             After School Happy Pledis album +poster: $18
After School Happy Pledis album w/o poster: $16
                                                                                                           SM The Ballad “Really missing you” album w/ poster: $20 each
SM The Ballad “Really Missing you” album w/o poster: $18 each
                                                                                                       F.CUZ 2nd Mini Album ‘Gorgeous’ + poster : $29 each

JYJ The Beginning (new limited edition) with a 36 page photobook + poster : $40 per set
JYJ The Beginning (new limited edition) with a 36 page photobook w/o poster: $37 per set

Girls Generation SNSD:

Hoot album + limited poster : $21 each
Hoot album w/o poster: $19 each




                                                                                                           Mastermind + poster : $20 each


SHINee Hello repackaged album + poster : $23 each
SHINee Hello repackaged album w/o poster: $21 each


Still 2.00PM + poster: $20 each


2AM Saint O’Clock normal: $24 each


 UKISS Break Time: $21 each


Beautiful Hangover: $17 each


Beast 4th Mini album! @ $19 each (:

68 Responses to Kpop Albums!

  1. siang yun says:

    hi, do u have any kim hyun joong items for sale? thanks!

  2. yixin says:

    Do you still have 2 Beast Mastermind albums, with posters?

  3. Elise says:

    How many capping does the album need ? Kindly reply to my email asap (:

  4. Jeannie says:

    Hi! i would like to buy SM The Ballad “Really missing you” album w/ poster. How could i buy from here?

  5. imrimun says:

    hi ! if i want to order snsd hoot album with poster , how do i pay u?

  6. SHINeeRock says:

    Is SHINee Hello album instock ?

  7. SHINeeRock says:

    Oh is the breaktime album with poster ?

  8. ZhuuZhuu says:

    Hii is there any 2NE1 to anyone album with photobook , photocard and poster ?

  9. nyimas lovesSlurpees says:

    do you still have stocks of shinee – lucifer album ?
    oh and do you mind telling me how to order ?
    thanks (:

  10. nyimas lovesSlurpees says:

    oh ok . so will it cost for the delivery payment ?

  11. Kasandura says:

    Do you do postage? If so how much do you charge?

  12. Kasandura says:

    Oh , because I’ll like to order BEAST Mastermind + poster ..
    So is th Registered postage cost still $3.50?
    By the way , are you sure that there’s a poster ?
    because i order from other blogshop she stated Album with Poster together come ,
    but in the end , She say there’s no more poster for the album so I only get the album without poster.

    • okayy yupp there should be a poster. if you opt for registered postage it’s gonna cost a bit more. the $3.50 will be for normal postage so registered postage will cost about $4.50. oh as for the posters, whether or not you get the poster depends on the availability of it(:

  13. Kasandura says:

    Oh , so i do have to pay first then You’ll order?
    because i’m afraid there’s no poster & then i wasted my $20 on it.

  14. Grace says:

    May i ask if . Is there any poster available for t-ara temptastic album ? (:

  15. Sshu91 says:

    Hi, do you have Bonamana repackaged album? How much does it cost? If I need to preorder, do state the price as well 🙂

  16. Nancy Cha says:

    i would like to know if you have any of Boyfriend’s merchandise yet since they’re a rookie group?

  17. F-wn says:

    Is there any instock for Bigbang Beautiful Hangover album? 😀 , and is there any other bigbang albums that is currently instock?

  18. Hi ^^ Do you sell SHINee’s Juliette Japanese Version Album? 🙂

  19. s.Ling says:

    do you have shinee Year Of US album? (:

  20. Maolin says:

    Hello, are these albums still available? 🙂

  21. Mavis says:

    Hi, is Shinee hello repackaged album plus poster still available?

  22. Enabelle says:

    Hi ! Do you sell Kara’s super girl and Ukiss’s neverland album ? How much is it ? Thks! ^^

  23. Shuxian says:

    Hi. Do you sell FTISLAND Budokan Concert DVD? If yes, may I know the price? Thank you. 🙂

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