Non-Kpop and Alpaca Instocks!


BRAND NEW Alpaca Pouches/Pencilcases (as shown above) @ $12 each!
Instocks available:
-1 White
-1 Brown
-1 Pink
Size: About 20cm down and 10cm across
Zipper at the side of the Alpaca.
Comes with a removable keychain at the top!
 Alpacas in specsss
BRAND NEW Alpaca plush toys in Specs!
Instocks available:
-Small alpaca with star-shaped specs @ $10.
Size: About 12cm tall
-Normal-sized alpaca with rounded specs @ $16
Size: About 17cm tall
Promo: Get both @ just $22!
BRAND NEW Hot pink and Turquoise 3-way bag @ $30! 
Able to be carried as a backpack, sling bag or simply by the top handle(:

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