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Do fill in the Order Form below!
A reply will be sent to the email address filled in within 24 hours.
*Postage fees will vary accordingly. If you’re opting for postage as your mode of collection, just state the total amount excluding postage fee in the order form and I’ll contact you regarding the postage fee(:

20 Responses to Order Form!

  1. harriet fielding says:

    how much would it cost for one of each, to the UK?

  2. harriet fielding says:

    oh my god really? you’re my only hope though! is there no way?

  3. Kpoplover says:

    i wanna order SHINee stickies…How much will it cost? How do we pay?? :DD

  4. kyliewang says:

    Is this in USD?

  5. MyeongHoon says:

    hi there i would like to customize a led concer board

  6. MyeongHoon says:

    please do replay me asap thanks

  7. so u don’t ship to the united states……

  8. WeiLing2Min says:

    The Meet up is at where?

  9. I live in the US. So you can’t ship it to Cali?

  10. Fadhli Pmy says:

    can i sent money by western union?

  11. Fadhli Pmy says:

    can u sent to brunei?

  12. Audrey B says:

    Hi are the SHiNee wallets in stock?

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