Terms and Conditions!

Do take some time to read the following Terms and Conditions before purchasing your items to avoid any misunderstanding and unpleasant experiences. I trust that you’ve already read this when you’ve placed your orders (: 

1. Placing of orders and purchasing of items

Place your order by sending an email to kimberlynpuppy@hotmail.com. Emails will be checked daily and a confirmation letter of your orders would be sent to you within 48 hours. For those who opt to pay by bank transfer, please take note that you’re given 4 days to make payment upon receiving the confirmation letter. Also, there is no cancellation of orders after payment has been made. I will not be held responsible for any mistake in your orders sent to me so it would be best for you to double check the details of your order before any confirmation.

2. Prices and information on the Items

Prices of items may change from time to time depending on my supplier. So do take note of any changes in the price. All of the measurements are provided by the supplier and I shall not be held responsible for any discrepancy. Please note that colors of the actual item might differ slightly from what you see on the monitor.

3. Refund of items

I will only give you a refund if the item you ordered is unfortunately out of stock. Otherwise, there would not be any refunds given or exchange of items allowed. If the supplier goes MIA, there will NOT be any refund given, so it’s a risk you’ll be taking by ordering. I will also not be held responsible if there are any items that are slightly defected or damaged during the process of shipping. If you’ve chosen to have your items sent to you through postage, items that are damaged during the handling of mail will not be any responsibility of mine.

4. Mode of payment

There will be 2 payment methods: Bank transfer and meet-ups.It’d be best if you could make your payment though bank transfer. My bank account number would be included in the confirmation email. However, if you are unable to do a bank transaction, meet-ups would also be available but to my convenience. Do take into consideration that I do have other commitments.

5. Mode of collection

There will be 3 modes of collection:  Postage, Meet-up and Self-collection. For local postage, the cost of registered/normal postage will be included in your confirmation letter and you will be required to pay the postage fee on top of the amount you have to pay for your items.

Meet-ups will be conducted to my own convenience. I will be willing to wait for you but for at most 10 minutes. So, please try not to be late for meet ups. There will be a fine of $1 for every 5 minutes you’re late.

Also, if you have something on at the last minute and have to cancel the meet up appointment, do inform me a few hours in advance. I would really appreciate it if you do so.

Meetups are usually held at MRT Stations:

Free-of-Charge: (Green Line) Pasir Ris to Paya Lebar

Additional Charge of $2: (Green/Red Line) Aljunied to City Hall 

Additional charges for other places vary.

Self collection: Collecting the items from my house itself. My address will be given to you if you opt for this. This may be the better option especially when we are unable to find a suitable time to meet up due to our own commitments.

Thank you! (:

3 Responses to Terms and Conditions!

  1. bong says:

    Hi! Are you still supplying? Mind sending me the supply rates if you are still supplying? Thanks!;)

  2. qistina says:

    Do you ship worldwide?

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